Higher Ed Student Takes Leadership Role in NIRSA


UM Higher Education M.A. student Caroline Ciell was elected as a volunteer student leader in NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation and will serve a one-year term, ending in April 30, 2019.

NIRSA is the professional association for collegiate recreation.

“We believe that participation in campus recreation programming can help make our global community healthier,” Ciell said. “I believe strongly in the role of collegiate recreation on college campuses and in higher education and believe strongly in the mission, vision, and values of NIRSA.”

Ciell, who is a graduate assistant for Facility Operations for Campus Recreation, leads a team of seven regional student leaders across the United States and in Canada. The regional student leaders are responsible for student initiatives at conferences, assisting in electing state and provincial student leaders, and communicating and connecting with potential student members and current student members in their region.

“Throughout this experience I have been able to present at conferences at the regional and international level and contribute to the bimonthly newsletter the “NIRSA Know” with articles that I write surrounding student leaders in NIRSA,” Ciell said. “The Student Leadership Team participates in fundraising efforts to fund student scholarships to NIRSA conferences, create content for and manage social media accounts, and pair mentors with mentees all across the association through the NIRSA Mentor Program.”

Neal Hutchens